1. Write the GUI information file

The GUI information file (aka .llblgengui) is the place you indicate how the GUI should be generated. It's an XML file that contains GUI information about LLBLGen objects (Entities, TypedLists, TypedViews and Fields). The source code contains an example of this file so you can get used to it.

To get a detailed information about the construction of the .llblgengui file see Writing the GUI information file.

2. Tell LLBLGen where your GUI information file is

Once you get the templates installed, you will see a new property in your Project's properties at Output settings values sub tab as shown in the next image.


3. Generate the code and enjoy it

Generate the code, it's the same process you follow when you generate with Adapter/SelfServicing template set, except that you need to pick the WebDbEditor preset, as shown in the next image.


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