Write the GUI information in a custom file

You don't need to edit every Custom Property, just write a file with the correct format and you are done (see Writing the GUI information file).

List controls

Generate ASP.Net List controls for every Entity/TypedView/TypedList in your LLBLGen project.

List controls

FormView controls

Generate ASP.Net view/insert/edit forms for every Entity in your LLBLGen project.

FormView controls

SSRS Reports

Generate generic RDLC reports files for every Entity/TypedView/TypedList in your LLBLGen project, and report viewers for each one.


Relation aware's views

All forms (view, insert, edit, list, report) generates the appropriate Links, Labels and DropDownLists for the Foreign Keys (FK) you configure in the GUI information file.


ASP.Net validation

You can specify validation rules that generates ASP validation controls (CompareValidator, RangeValidator, RequiredValidator, RegexValidator).


Custom format for fields

Specify how the field labels should be formatted.

Field Format

Search controls

Generate search controls for every Entity/TypedView/TypedList.

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